Carmel, Sunset on Ocean Avenue


     Ten years ago I painted Carmel, Ocean Avenue on a Rainy Afternoon, and from the day I finished it, I dreamed of working on a second view of the famous scene.  Carmel, Sunset on Ocean Avenue is that long awaited painting!  My romantic vision of Carmel is enlivened by many vintage cars and the charming buildings of the seaside town---the lights of which reflect, jewel-like, in streets moistened by the passing of ocean mists. And, of course, a luminous sunset bathes the entire scene in a warm glow, as though a tranquil moment has been frozen in time.

Series:  Single Release Release Date: January, 1989
Title:  Carmel, Sunset on Ocean Avenue Image Size:  18" x 27"
24" x 36"
28 x 42"